Data-driven insights powered by Quanum Solutions, provides the information you need, when you need it, to support your healthcare decisions

Medicare and other major payers are moving away from volume-based reimbursement strategies and shifting to models that reward physicians and health systems for the delivery of quality care that leads to better outcomes.

Quest Quanum

The Quanumtechnology portfolio is an innovative platform of data analytics that enables patients to take action to improve their health and allows clinicians, private/public payers, ACOs, large health systems to improve quality and health outcomes.

Specifically, our offerings help you:

data-driven-insights_analyze.png#asset:3Analyze and contextualize lab data to increase efficiencies and improve financial outcomes while providing actionable insights at the point of care.
data-driven-insights_connect.png#asset:3Connect in a way that is convenient and easy to help streamline workflow.
data-driven-insights_engage.png#asset:38Engage the entire healthcare community with solutions and tools that enhance and ensure the continuity of care.

Quest Lab Stewardship 

Quest Lab Stewardship offers self-service access to dashboard visualizations of order volume and spend data, which can illustrate trends to help reveal potential problems and opportunities for improvement.

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