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Total healthcare costs for cancer $80.2 billion1


More than 1.7 million new oncology cases diagnosed2


Total number of cancer survivors expected to reach 18 million3

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The way we diagnose and treat cancer is changing rapidly. See how Quest's test menu, bioinformatics, and expertise help Health Systems stay ahead.

Your one-lab solution for comprehensive cancer care

With medical advances, cancer is more treatable than ever, yet it is one of the costliest diseases for patients and providers. To help health systems improve patient outcomes and lower costs, Quest Diagnostics offers a range of oncology solutions.

  • Advanced Testing

    The broadest oncology test menu available helps maximize the options for rapidly identifying an effective treatment for each patient.

    From routine blood tests to the most sophisticated oncology solutions, Quest delivers answers for providers and patients. Among the full complement of tests, Quest offers several uniquely powerful oncology solutions.

    • BRCAvantage™ looks for mutations in the 2 genes most commonly associated with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC), so patients and their doctors can find ways to decrease risk.
    • LeukoVantage™ analyzes 42 genes in 3 panels to enhance clinical understanding of the patient's myeloid neoplasm for diagnosis and monitoring.
    • Companion Diagnostics tests such as Tumoral PD-L1 expression and Multiple Myeloma, Daratumumab-Specific, Immunofixation can guide therapy, avoid unnecessary follow-up testing, and allow more accurate interpretation of depth of response to treatment.

    Why companion diagnostics are now essential to cancer care.

    Companion diagnostics help identify specific genetic or somatic mutations in cancer patient samples that are targets for specific therapies.

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  • Data-driven Insights

    Innovative IT solutions provide clinicians with insight to guide treatment decisions.

    IBM Watson™ Genomics from Quest Diagnostics® for Solid Tumor Mutation Analysis combines IBM Watson’s cognitive computing with Quest’s genomic tumor sequencing using data supplied by multiple sources, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, to help inform individual treatment options for cancer patients.

    Quest also offers tools and reports to guide ordering decisions toward more efficient test utilization. Anytime access to self-service, customizable reports allows you to analyze oncology test utilization and spending patterns. In addition, Spectrum™ Analysis offers expert medical consultation to further evaluate your oncology testing patterns and help you set a course of action for test optimization.

    How bioinformatics is changing cancer care.

    Bioinformatics can quickly uncover highly personalized cancer treatment options—including options that previously may have remained unidentified.

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  • Medical Expertise

    Clinicians are supported with industry-leading oncology diagnostics expertise and experience.

    Quest has over 440 board-certified/fellowship-trained pathologists across all cancer subspecialties available to help providers assess risk, diagnose disease, assess prognosis, predict treatment response, and monitor results.

    A team of lab- and field-based genetic counselors is ready for consultation at 1.866.GENE.INFO to guide genetic test selection and interpret test results.

    Additionally, Quest Diagnostics is a major contributor of clinical papers, publishing nearly 100 papers annually. Leverage the evidence base of these peer-reviewed publications, found here:

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  • Connected Care

    Tools and services help you engage with patients for improved outcomes.

    Quest IT solutions keep your organization, patients, and providers in touch to improve delivery of care and patient outcomes. EHR integration helps ensure seamless workflow, while chronic care management services employs telephonic outreach to help providers coordinate planning, medication reconciliation, and clinical care. Further, concierge-level practice services facilitate health plan collaboration with pre-authorization, medical criteria verification, patient responsibility estimation, and reimbursement guideline assistance.

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